Apostrophe Abuse

I have a lot of editorial pet peeves, but this one drives me up a wall. Apostrophes are never, ever used to make something plural. If your intention is to say that there are more than one of something, what you want is an s. Just an s. No apostrophe.

An s with an apostrophe indicates ownership. Use it to show that one thing possesses another thing.

This has been Maggie’s rant on apostrophes.

(See what I did there?)


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Even Cats Want to Read

No blog of mine would really be complete without at least one picture of a cat. So, when my oldest, Miriam, jumped onto the bookshelf this morning, I just couldn’t resist.

Consider this a rant-free post. It’s just a cute picture of a cat.

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Let’s Get the Grammar Party Started

xkcd writes Strunk and White fanfiction This feels like it is an appropriate way to get this blog started. I can’t take credit for finding this myself; my fellow editor-in-crime, Sara is not a Jedi, found it for me. Since she knows my love of all things geeky and strange, this apparently screamed my name.

I could feel the need to nit-pick the fan fiction one word or two question, but I think the point is still made either way.

So, here I will place my rants about all things grammatical and editorial (and occasionally geeky) until I get sick of my own navel-gazing, I suppose.

Welcome to my world.

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